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11 May 2007

The blue tits have been coming and going all day, picking up mealworm for their chicks:
(click on the image to start animation in a pop-up window)
(Once again, the quality is not brilliant, the pictures are taken through a window pane covered with a UV filtering film, but you get the idea...)

10 May 2007

Some blue tits are nesting in a building opposite the back of our flat, on the side of a boiler flue:

I had noticed them last year and had been checking for signs of activity for the past few weeks, and had noticed the occasional entries, so I was pretty sure a pair was nesting there.
Today, I noticed that the birds started to make trips a lot more frequently, and it so happened that I had just received a pot of mealworm I had ordered the previous day. I put a few in a dish at the top of the (empty) flowerpot at the top of one of the balcony's poles and it did not take them long to find them (they were already used to come here for seeds, peanuts and cat hair - a big favourite).

(The quality of the image is not brilliant, the branch was swaying rather a lot in the wind we are experiencing, but you can quite clealy see the mealworm in the tit's beak)


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