I spotted another one of these by Wandsworth Bridge about 10 days ago. I don't know how long it's been there, as I do scan those buildings from time to time but had not noticed it previously. That makes it my fourth for London. I wonder how effective they are, but, more importantly, how effective they are at keeping real flesh and blood peregrines away. If so, it could explain the lack of sightings in that area, especially as it is certainly not lacking in pigeons...

In contrast, this photo taken a few days later of a proper killing machine. I wouldn't want to be a pigeon under that gaze...

first ones

The first ones I saw at Charing Cross station did throw me too, especially seen from Westminster Bridge...

There's a pair of those on a

There's a pair of those on a building near Covent Garden which threw me at first. They can be surprisingly lifelike, including the bit about sitting still for long periods!


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