Normal situation resumed

The Falcons War in the end was rather brief, probably with a bit of (unwitting) help from the humans, as on Wednesday and Thursday there were men on the roof and chimney doing maintenance. I haven't seen the Kestrels since. Surprisingly, the Peregrines were occasionally there at the same time as the men above, which is something I had not seen before.
The Peregrines are now back, and back to their old routine of doing pretty much nothing for hours, in between bouts of preening, and eating. I witnessed the male eating something, probably pigeon, but if you think otherwise from the photos below, let me know... It was quite substantial but I didn't manage to get a proper angle on it.

For more photos of the peregrines, I have now added a selection of the 2009 photos in my album. You can find them there.

No pigeon

Hi Nathalie,

Ce n'est pas un pigeon que mange ce faucon pèlerin. Le pigeon est bien plus volumineux que cette proie et ce n'est pas la forme de la queue. Plutôt une espèce de la famille des fringilles (?)
Bonnes obs.


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