12 December 2008

On this cold morning, I spotted the two 'lovebirds' and, hoping to finally catch them in flirting action, I quickly got dressed, picked my bins and camera. But when I got there, she was more interested in her breakfast, by the look of the feathers that you can just spot on the photos below a pigeon. I watched them for 30 to 45 minutes but nothing else happened. As I am typing this, many hours later, she is sitting down, probably still digesting it, and he is long gone...


Hi, I've observed the resident female previously but have never seen a male on the site at the same time (I've not visited lately). If the adult male is not already in a pair you may see them attempting copulation around the end of Jan/start of Feb. I'm not sure whether the hospital is a suitable site for breeding. The female is also inexperienced so it might be hard to predict her behaviour. The female is ringed - have you been able to read the numbers? I tried with my scope on one occasion but gave up. It should be possible to determine where she's from with those numbers. I believe the chicks at Battersea were ringed a couple of years ago. She may be from that brood (no birds bred last year afaik).


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